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Travel Case, Razor


Travel Case, Razor

EAN: 85178000403

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The RADIUS Travel Collection is uniquely designed with you in mind. The RADIUS Razor Travel Case, which fits all major brands, is perfect for the gym, work or home, with no drain holes which often cause those messy leaks!The signature RADIUS LockTab ensures the products stay inside cases, protected from heavy travel, while the curved edges reduce the amount of space used up in luggage. Made from 50% recycled plastic. 100% recyclable.


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Made from 50% recycled plastic. 100% recyclable


Australis Distribution Ltd is the exclusive distributor of RADIUS in the UK.

In 1983 architects, best friends, and innovators Kevin & James sat on the Caribbean island of Tortola and decided they wanted to do more…they wanted to impact and improve the everyday lives of people. And what better way than to Revolutionize a tool used every day by billions -- the toothbrush! Archaic and practically unaltered since its initial conception, the toothbrush was ripe for improvement.

Aptly named the Original, it is still the #1 best-selling RADIUS adult toothbrush. At the crux of RADIUS’ original design is a Radical, Revolutionary toothbrush that offers Real Results by massaging gums while cleaning teeth and a Refreshing/Rejuvenating experience making users feel as if they have just had a professional cleaning. At the core of RADIUS’ ethos is a desire to reinvent existing, everyday items by adding benefits through the 4 Rs – Responsible Design, Radical Look, Real Results, Refreshing Experience. This mission drives RADIUS to provide premium, thoughtful, and unique designer options to consumers around the world while being 100% focused on waste and energy reduction.

The RADIUS ethos The 4 Rs – Responsible Design, Radical Look, Real Results, Refreshing Experience – have allowed RADIUS to tap into three major cultural shifts in design and customer preferences: 1) an increased focus on health and wellness, 2) a desire to create an appealing and unique lifestyle within homes, and 3) a willingness to pay a premium price for high quality oral and personal care products. People understand that when they invest in the best, they are investing in their long-term health and happiness.

The RADIUS guarantee:  Designed and manufactured in-house on solar powered machines, RADIUS products are made from natural ingredients like wood cellulose & castor oil instead of petrolem based plastics and bristles. Each product is inspected by hand, designed to last, and unconditionally guaranteed.

The RADIUS family of brushes are the only natural brushes with the American Dental Association acceptance mark.


eKomi Product Feedback

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12.09.2012 | 16:57

Pleased that he found an interesting product - production of "Radius". Also pleased that there is an inexpensive delivery to Russia. very pleased with the quality of the selected product.
28.08.2012 | 14:10

Excellent product. It can be used with a variety of broadly used razors of different makes and designs.
02.08.2012 | 15:25

A fully functional case for storing razor during travel. The case will accomdate most razors but not some of the bigger DE razor heads e.g. ********.
03.02.2012 | 23:23

14.08.2011 | 08:08

The product is satisfactory but unsuitable for me. I use a DE safety razor and this will not fit in the case, it will only take disposable cartridge razors.